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We are taking orders for the First Ever Little Hands Wash Set! Your set includes the following:

  • 1 – Sink Top Bumper
  • 1 – In Sink Mat
  • 1 Bottle of Foam Soap
  • 6 Refills tablets

The bumper top is 4.5 inches in width and nearly 11 inches in length. The bumper adds cushion and comfort with assisted hand-washing for you and your little one.

The mat is water-resistant can lay inside the sink to keep the tot focus on the colorful designs where you can sing the Little Hands Song, count, discuss colors, or sea animals. Made with materials: Neoprene, polyester, pearl foam, and synthetic rubber

The Foam Soap are tablets that dissolve in water after 20 minutes. Instructions for the Foam Soap is to fill soap bottle FIRST, then add the 2 tablets.

Free Download of the Little Hands Washing Song

Pre-Order terms:

Your kickstarter purchase goes towards support of this new product and you will receive the Little Hands Wash Set by January 30th 2021 if you pre-order by November 30th, 2020. We also ask that you provide us with feedback and photos of use of the product for further product development. You can email you feedback to [email protected]

No Refunds on the Kickstarter Product available


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